Washing Instructions

Pre-washing preparations

Before we toss our jacket or pants in the laundry, first we need to get it properly prepared. The action pattern consists of simple steps.

We remove all the stubborn stains manually, like grass remains, greases etc.

We close all the pockets, zippers, velcros, snaps and vents. If we forget about it, there’s a high risk of damaging the membrane.

There’s a whole array of cleaning agents for waterproof and windproof clothing available on the market. It’s a good idea to get those. Alternatively, one can also use other detergents, like based on gray soap that doesn’t impact fabric’s structure, although the membrane’s manufacturer recommends to limit the use of detergents and repeat the rinsing process. Under no circumstances it is allowed to use washing powders, fabric softeners, bleaches and stain removers, as they may clog and damage the membrane.

It is recommended to wash no more than 2–3 waterproof clothing items at the same time. Membrane clothing is to be washed at 30°C

No need to wash inside out.


Washing membrane clothing is nothing complicated. It is better to remember that there’s more to washing than removing stains and dirt from clothes, it is mostly about maintaining high level of breathability and waterproofness. Below is a short summary on washing membrane clothing.

Drying membrane clothing

When drying membrane clothing, it should not be placed directly on a radiator or (in outdoor conditions) too close to a campfire. Although drying in a tumbler dryer at the lowest setting is permitted, the best method is considered to be traditional hanging of clothes on a drying rack and letting it dry outside.