Przemek Walewski


A marathon runner, press and TV journalist, editor-in-chief of the Polish Running Website WSZYSTKOOBIEGANIU.PL. He was a war corespondent. He publishes in, among other places, the Runner’s Word and Tri Tour journals and has his own permanent column in Polska The Times Głos Wielkopolski. The author of a popular TV show “Trening dla każdego”. Chief of the Poland Running Academy (P.R.A.), which cooperates with running schools in USA and Ethiopia. The initiator of the project. A co-founder of the Young Olympians Academy for children and adolescents.

A double European Champion in marathon (EVACS, 2006). In 2013 he took the 5th place in the Masters World Championship in marathon in Brazil. The winner of the 2011 Sicily marathon. In 2014 he was the silver medal in mountain marathon in Ethiopia in the non-African runner category (10th place in total). A multiple champion, runner-up and bronze medalist of Poland in a half-marathon in this category. The Bone Marrow Team’s Champion of Poland in Marathon (2012). He has finished over one thousand street, cross-country and track races, including marathons in London, Berlin, Austin, Poznań, Hanover, Warsaw, Davos, Athens. A Journalist Champion of Poland in Mountain Running. A member of the Bone Marrow Team. Has run a total of 130 thousand kilometers so far. Also participates in triathlons, duathlons, MTB races and classic-style cross-country skiing. Update: I have run 137 thousand km so far and been on the podium 16 times this year.