Marek Konwa


Hi! My name is Marek. I was born 11th March 1990, and I first sat on a bike when I was a few years old. I don’t know if I already knew at the time that I would decide to cycle professionally, but I remember the whole learning process perfectly.

I’ve been practicing cycling professionally since March 2003, and it all started during an amateur bike race in Świdnica. It was my dad who convinced me to participate. I took the second place back then, competing with racers who had already had a few years of training at the time and rode much better bikes. It is no wonder, then, that it was the moment when I “caught the cycling bug”. On top of that, after the race I was approached by Jerzy Wojtkowiak and Marcin Tulula, who offered me training at the Trasa Zielona Góra club, and it just went from there.

My first serious race SkodaAuto GP MTB, when I already had a license, was in Polanica Zdrój, where I took the 33rd place in the junior category. As I continued training, I kept getting better and better, taking higher places in subsequent races, which really motivated me to keep working hard. That’s exactly – in a nutshell – how my great cycling journey began. So far, the crowning achievement was being nominated to the Polish team, and most of all to the Olympic team and participating in the London Olympics.

My motto “The best is yet to come” motivates me to work hard every day and to pursue my greatest sport-related goals. An Olympic medal and a world champion’s rainbow shirt is what I’m aiming for.