How to have your own design created?

Martombike accepts designs even for a single units. If you are able to create a design in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, you can create the whole thing by yourself using pre-made templates available on pages of selected products. If you stick to design guidelines, the order will be completed as soon as possible!

Key guidelines:

  • Logos should be in form of curves, or in PNG or editable high-resolution TIFF. We’re among the few to print in high resolution, which is why the quality of graphics delivered by you makes difference to us.
  • If you use logos of third-party companies’, we need a permission to use them.
  • Our logo is on every unit of the outfits we manufacture. Of course we make sure it doesn’t ruin the graphic.

If you aren’t able to finish the design by yourself, or you’d like us to do it for you, fees specified in the price list apply.

Cycling and Triathlon Running and Triathlon Roller Skating, Ice Skating, Slalom Gigant

Manufacturing stages:

  • Initial determination of the demand. It will help design on the target structures
  • Design and customer’s approval of the final version of the design (approval message is required to begin the next stage). Sample design to be approved.

Projekt 2

  • Completing the schedule on our order form.
    Complete this form!

    It is required to efficiently start the manufacturing process. It also allows to verify correctness of the order, specify the date and delivery method.

  • Prepayment of 25% of the order’s value. During the manufacturing process it is too late to alter anything. The manufacturing takes 5 weeks on average, although the process starts right after taking the order. At that point we’re already preparing materials for sublimation, cutting the structures selected by the customer. The manufacturing time depends on several factors, a major one of which being the time of placing the order. During the busy season that period is between 6 and 10 weeks.
  • Before delivering the parcel we issue the final invoice. After making the payment, you can enjoy the best outfits in Poland.

There is an option of making the manufacturing process faster, although it comes with an additional fee of 30% of the order’s value. That’s why, if you know you’re entering a triathlon in July, it is better to start working on manufacturing the outfit a little earlier.

Below you will find sample designs, you can pay less for your design if you utilize them.

Sample graphics