How to get measured

In order to properly take measurements, one has to follow a few simple rules.

The most important rule is not being tense when measured, with relaxed, normal breathing and without taking unnatural poses.

When picking the size, we use the tables below as a reference. The Pro series outfit will be better fitting at the same size than Active series outfit.

That’s why, when picking the most popular team shirt – model 213 Pro in size M, we get a better fitting, a better lying shirt than with Ms of model 230. Please keep that in mind. Protour products are marketed towards “polished” athletes, advanced amateurs and professionals. In the event of any problems, we’ll gladly help pick the size, although during the season it might slightly delay starting of the process.

If you can’t decide between two sizes, always pick the bigger one!

If you’d like us to help, however, please e-mail us at or with the following data:

• height

• chest circumference

• waist circumference

• weight

• hip circumference

Additional data that might be helpful is: thigh circumference about 10 cm above knee and bicep circumference at the widest point.

Below you will find size tables.

How to get measured