Development and progress
are embedded in martombike bottoms

We have our own production line and R&D department, which constantly tests, experiments and implements new products. Martombike outfits are entirely sewn in Poland - at our headquarters in Swarzedz.

Our manufactory has a total of about 40 people, more than half of whom are employed in the production department. We are happy to give jobs to people in the local community, while providing you with the best outfits on the market.

tried and tested solutions

When creating collections, we rely on innovative solutions available on the market.

We produce lightweight and great-fitting T-shirts. Our outfits are made of modern materials from Italian and French manufacturers. In Martombike pants you will find insoles produced by renowned and most recognized manufacturers. Before you find them in our offer, they go through a series of tests on a strain gauge mat, during which we experiment with different positions of the body on the saddle.

modern facilities

We have our own advanced and continuously technologically developed machinery. We are the first manufacturer of cycling apparel to reach for ultrasonic material bonding technology. This is how our seamless Giro 517 shorts were created, perfectly adhering to the body and providing maximum comfort.

We specialize in the production of outfits for such disciplines as:




roller skating