Bicycle shorts

When cycling, especially fast and demanding cycling, nothing should bother the cyclist. To minimize the discomfort associated with chafing or moisture absorption, we recommend choosing special cycling shorts, which you will find in our online store. Many models use technological solutions, thanks to which the shorts are perfectly fitted to the cyclist's body, wick away moisture, and thus provide maximum comfort. Check out what we have prepared for you!

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Cycling involves dynamic leg movements. This means that any loose clothing could reduce the comfort felt when pedaling, cause chafing, slow down the ride, and ultimately pose a risk of the material "screwing" into the wheel or chain of the unicycle. To ensure maximum comfort, it is advisable to choose close-fitting specialized clothing that does not stand out from the body and does not interfere with the most difficult routes. Take a look at our selection of cycling shorts for women, men, as well as children!

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If you're bothered by a rising jersey or slipping pants while cycling, we have a great solution for you! Cycling pants with built-in suspenders resemble a suit, where everything is always in place. Such a garment design will allow you to enjoy maximum comfort regardless of the pace of the ride or the difficulty of the route. Enjoy shopping in our online store!