Own projects

Martombike implements the project from a single piece. If you are able to create a design in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, you can do the whole thing yourself using ready-made templates available on the pages of selected products. Stick to the design guidelines and the order will be completed as quickly as possible!

Key Guidelines:

  • Logos should be in curves, or in png or editable Tiff with high resolution. We are the few who print in high resolution, so the quality of the graphics you provide is important to us.
  • If you use logos of external companies, we must have permission to use them.
  • Our logo is on every piece of clothing we produce. Of course, we do it in such a way that it does not interfere with the graphics.
  • When ordering different models of outfits with the same graphics, please prepare the design only on one model (template) of the type of clothing. This means that you prepare only one template of a T-shirt, shorts, jacket, etc. The transfer of the design to the other models selected by the customer will be handled by our graphics department, and all designs will be sent to you for approval.

If you are unable to complete the project yourself, or would like us to complete it for you, fees apply according to the price list.

Price lists in effect for 2022.

Production stages:

  • Pre-determine demand. This will help design on target structures
  • Design and approval of the client of the final version of the project (email with approval is a condition for the start of the next stage). Example of the design for approval.
  • Completing the spread on our order template.

This is necessary for a smooth start of production. It also allows you to verify the correctness of the order, set the deadline, delivery methods.

  • Prepayment of 50% of the order value (companies) and 100% of the order value (individual). During production we can no longer change anything. Production takes an average of 5 weeks, but its process begins immediately after the order is accepted. Already then we prepare materials for sublimation, cut the structures selected by the customer. Production time depends on several factors, one of which is primarily the time when the order is placed. During the peak season, this period is between 6 and 10 weeks.
  • Before receiving the shipment, we issue a final invoice. After payment, you enjoy the best outfits in Poland.

It is possible to speed up the production, but this involves an additional fee + 30% of the order value. Therefore, if you know that you are competing in a triathlon in July, it is a good idea to deal with the implementation of the production of the suit a little earlier.