Ermes 2.0 cycling jacket.

The most refined cycling jacket on the market


Riders are constantly achieving better results, bikes are getting lighter and riding more aggressively. Cyclists expect the perfect fit of every layer of clothing, no matter what season or weather it is designed for. The drag created by riding in looser jackets is no longer acceptable even at the amateur level.

The Ermes 2.0 model is the answer to these needs.

An excellent membrane that will protect you in all conditions. It will protect you from the rain, give you a sense of warmth on frosty mornings, and breathe when you're warmed up. Know also that the perfect membrane will also shield you from the wind. Reflective inserts will improve your visibility, while the black color will guarantee that the jacket will match any set of clothing and bike.

Sound like a shield? It kind of is.

In the model we have used a failure-free YKK zipper. The pocket on the back on one side has a patch closed with a neodymium magnet. On the other side there is an asymmetrical pocket pouch with a reflective finish - reaching the pocket has never been easier! In addition, inside the pocket you will find a silicone strip, which will effectively protect the phone or wallet inside. 

When creating the design for Ermes 2.0, we tried to make sure that the jacket fits as snugly as possible, while maintaining comfort and convenience. The result of our work is a jacket that will allow you to train for hours.

Is this jacket waterproof? Ermes 2.0 is a jacket with a membrane that minimizes water penetration into the second layer, still guaranteeing a great level of breathability. What's more, we also reached for Water Repilent technology for an even better effect, so drops run down the material like the proverbial duck.

The overall design is in line with our Classic Black series, with reflective accents and 3D markings.


What distinguishes the pockets used?

One side of the pocket is closed with a magnet.

Why is the pocket asymmetrical?

This solution works perfectly while driving. Look at how the right pocket is contoured. In addition, the center is protected with silicone.

Does this membrane breathe?

Yes, it is one of the best membranes on the market. It breathes and does not take in water. Already in Ermes 1.0, a jacket still available in our store, users appreciated the quality of the membrane used.

Does the jacket have sealed seams?

No, we decided not to seal the seams so as not to interfere with the membrane. This will make the jacket more durable, and a specially set stitch prevents water from getting inside.

Remember - Ermes 2.0 is a figure-fitting model.


The jacket is suitable for both men and women. When choosing a size, please follow the men's size chart. 


  • Professional cut, tailored design
  • Soft and pleasant to the touch material
  • Reflective inserts for improved visibility
  • Modern membrane, great thermal insulation properties, protects against wind, does not lose its properties during use
  • Asymmetrical lock, modern multi-panel design
  • Magnetic closure pocket


  • Purpose: for advanced and Pro Tour
  • For cold days, temperature range: 0 - 10 C 
  • Zipper used: YKK divider, covered with fabric



Thanks to the materials selected in the production, the insole has a higher-than-average elasticity that provides increased comfort.

Moisture Management Fabric
Moisture Management Fabric

Materials with this technology have a special structure on both sides of the knitted fabric. With this structure, the fabric is able to transport moisture from the inner surface to the outside. As a result, it keeps the skin dry, which significantly increases the comfort of use.


Products with this mark indicate the use of temperature-regulating materials.

Ultra Mat
Ultra Mat

Matte material that absorbs light streams.

Water Repellent
Water Repellent

Material finishing technology. The surface tension is at such a level that the material does not absorb water. A process that reduces its properties with washing.


  • Wash at 30° C on the delicate cycle, and if you want the greatest durability, wash your favorite outfits by hand
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Wash dark and light colors separately
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry-clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Tomasz Skóra

The jacket is made of top quality materials. Nicely fitted (194cm and 85kg weight - size Xl). Most importantly, the jacket has long sleeves. Despite the aero position, the wrists are still covered. I recommend 100%

Świetna na treningi <10*C i/lub lekki deszcz

Small, goes into the pocket of the shirt. Super for lower temperatures or rain (you know it's not 100% waterproof, but the 1-2h routes can easily handle it). Good compromise between "insulation" and "ventilation".

**edit** 184 cm and 81 kg XL

Piotr Kustra
Ermes 2.0

Nice Jacket.It protects well from the wind.Tested in temperatures of 5-10 degrees .Size M for a person 178cm and 72 kg is ok.

Great for fall and early spring

A very cool jacket for the transitional period, when temperatures settle around 8-12 degrees (at least in my case). In a set with long thermoactive underwear and a short-sleeved T-shirt it works perfectly. During training, full thermal comfort, and the clothes underneath dry, so that even after a stop you move pleasantly, without feeling cold. I sincerely recommend it!

Bartosz Zaremba

Size 3XL fits a man 198 cm and 110 kg in weight :) I recommend

Ermes 2.0 cycling jacket.
Ermes 2.0 cycling jacket.