We have been operating on the Polish market since 2004. Since then, we have been constantly implementing new materials, investing
in innovative technologies and looking for an effect that makes a difference.

We founded the company out of a passion for sports. Cycling is an extremely important component of our lives. The secret of our brand is simple, it is a true story, written by life and passionate people. The creators of the Martombike brand are Marek Lagódka and Tomasz Skoczylas, still wholeheartedly involved in the development of the company. All the products we offer are sewn entirely in Poland. We employ 23 people in our manufactory. What sets us apart? Our own production, proprietary know-how and R&D department, which every day works on new technological solutions with passion and dedication.

We specialize in the production of outfits for such disciplines as:




roller skating


own production

Our products are the fruit of work, skill exchange and competence of many people. We are constantly learning, planning and implementing new solutions.

Having your own production is not only a privilege, but also a huge responsibility. We control every stage of the creation of your bibs and T-shirts. Our headquarters is vibrant, an extraordinary melting pot of creative and technical minds. We reach for the highest quality Italian and French materials, and evolve, changing our design to ensure the best performance, comfort and remarkable appearance. Working with clubs from Poland and abroad, we have created perfect designs for the most demanding riders.


Our overriding goal and motivation is to provide the best to people who are active and, like us, full of passion for sports and recreation.

We strive to take an individual approach to each customer, providing the products and technology you deserve. We listen to your comments and conduct numerous studies and tests. In the pursuit of excellence, every suggestion becomes valuable to us. We try to find time for you not only to talk about equipment and kilometers covered. Our customers are often also friends, whom we gladly invite for coffee to the Martombike office and command center in Swarzedz near Poznan.