Bicycle jerseys

Cycling jerseys, to ensure the comfort of the ride, should meet specific quality objectives. As enthusiasts of two wheels, we are thoroughly aware of the needs of athletes, so the clothing we offer will satisfy even the most demanding cyclist. Whether you ride recreationally or competitively, a properly selected outfit will significantly increase your satisfaction with the sport.

Cycling jersey - why is it worth it?

Specialized cycling jersey not only looks great, but, above all, performs numerous functions, tailored to the needs of cyclists. For professional cyclists, we recommend aerodynamic outfits, which reduce drag thanks to the use of high-tech materials. In addition, each product wicks away moisture, helps maintain optimal body temperature while riding and does not restrict movement.

Cycling jerseys - make sure you're visible on the road

Our shirts are equipped with convenient pockets sewn on the back, which will accommodate small items useful while driving, and additionally protect the items from falling out. Each model of clothing is finished with reflective elements, so you increase your safety on the road not only at night, but also when riding in adverse conditions such as fog or rain. Convenient zipper, cut that prevents the garment from rolling up during sports and excellent material are the unquestionable advantages of the bicycle shirts we produce. You are welcome!