Cycling caps

Should a cyclist wear a cap? As much as possible, and not only in the summer. Probably each of us remembers grandmotherly advice about wearing hats. However, it turns out that grandma's wisdom, as usual, did not fail and also works well when cycling. A cycling cap should be made of breathable material that will effectively wick moisture to the outside.

The perfect cycling cap? Take a look at the Martombike store

If you've been cycling with a regular baseball cap until now, you may be convinced that a cap and a bike are not a comfortable combination. Nothing could be further from the truth! A well-tailored and designed cycling cap should be a must-have for every cyclist. What's more - a cycling cap can be selected according to the weather, the season, the time of day, or the length of the route you plan to ride.

A cycling cap with a visor, several models of which you will find in our offer, is a must have for every cyclist. It is made of thin, quick-drying material. Thanks to its classic design, the cycling cap fits perfectly under the helmet, while shielding the eyes from the sun's rays. The precise fit allows you to use the headgear even without a helmet, giving you the assurance that the cycling cap will not slip over your eyes while riding or be blown away by the wind. What's more, each of our cycling caps keeps the wind out, especially on downhill rides, and thanks to its lightness, it will also remain unnoticed in hot weather. A good quality cycling cap will perform well even during a rainy trip or competition. Why do we have this certainty? We have verified for ourselves which cycling cap will work best.

The cycling cap you need

At Martombike, we know that cyclists have different needs, whether they practice cycling professionally or treat it as a hobby. Therefore, also when designing cycling caps, we pay great attention to the variety of models. Thanks to this, our offer includes a cycling cap with a visor, a chimney-type cap, a universal cap and a cycling cap under a helmet. In addition, each of them is aesthetically made according to the author's design. We invite you to the Martombik online store - we are confident that the cycling cap of your dreams is already waiting for you.

Shopping in our company store is extremely easy. Each cycling cap is carefully and clearly described, so you will easily learn about its parameters and purpose. You will also learn how to take care of a particular sportswear, so that it serves you for as long as possible. How to take care of a cycling baseball cap? You should wash it at a maximum of 30°C, preferably by hand or on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. The cap should not be bleached, dry-cleaned or tumble-dried. The cycling cap must also not be ironed. Equally important when washing sportswear is also to separate light and dark colors.

A unique cycling cap from Martomike is already waiting for you - enter our store, make a purchase and enjoy cycling regardless of the weather.