Crash replacement

We are happy to offer you additional support after you purchase a Martombike product. If, as a result of an accident, collision, crash with your participation, a product of our company was damaged, do not worry - you will not be left alone with this.

We then offer you two options. You can send the damaged product back to us, and we will make every effort to repair it. Please note that although Martombike makes every effort to restore items to their original condition, there may be minor modifications in color matching, material used or technology. Before you send the damaged product to us, we will ask you to send an email with a description of the issue and photos to:

We will not always be able to repair the damage, so we also leave you the second option. After our analysis of the situation (also based on the photos provided) - you can purchase a product from the same category with a discount of 30% . Each case will be evaluated separately, we will do our best to help you, just contact us by sending an email.

Garment repairs can take up to 4 weeks after our repair team receives the product. This time may increase during the spring-summer period due to the high volume of ongoing production tasks.