Bartek Mikler


Hi. I am Bartek.

I have spent 13 years of my life cycling. I know how important it is to pick the right cycling gear. It has to be comfortable, look good and help win races.

I am a unique type of guy. I always take care of my style when cycling, hence my always twirled mustache. My outfits need to stand out. During the pre-season preparation period I take a lot of pictures and share then on my social media. Those can’t be just run of the mill pictures. I love challenges.

I especially love cross-country cycling. I have a good technical riding style. Riding over mud or ice is no big deal to me. The second of my passions is mountain biking. I love riding downhill, and if you want to go downhill – first you have to go uphill. I also feel great on asphalt – as long as there are mountains around. I just like them when I ride.

On top of active participation in races and training, I am also a coach at the MLUKS VICTORIA JAROCIN club, where I share my knowledge with younger players.