Agnieszka Jerzyk


My lifelong sport-related dream was to participate in Olympics. That dream came true exactly on 4th August 2012, when I crossed the finish line during the London Olympics. I will never forget those emotions, the excitement, but also the and price, concentration and joy when starting. Out of the best 55 competitors from all over the world I took the 25th place which was the best result achieved by Polish triathletes during the Olympic Games. Then I qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as the only Polish female triathlete. My Olympic efforts in Rio de Janeiro gave me the 22nd place. Considering the development of triathlon around the world and awfully high requirements I am very satisfied with my results and with how I was able to improve my London results.

The year after Olympics has its own rules and allows to compete at distances that Olympians usually don’t compete at. This year sent me at a new triathlon path. I have new goals, challenges and dreams. Even though qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is within my reach, I decided to devote my heart and warrior’s spirit to long distances. The challenge is huge, as I have to be more than myself, swim 3800 meters in the ocean, then ride 180 km among fields of lava all by myself and then run a marathon in an over 30-degree heat. It’s hard to imagine how difficult that competition is but I know that I am though and I can make it.

My dream.

My goal.

To participate in the IRONMAN World Championship as the first Polish professional and fight for the top spots.

Hello IRONMAN. I am Agnieszka Jerzyk from Poland.