13 Traveler

About a dozen years ago my plan was simple – a stable life of a woman lawyer. I was successfully pursuing my goal, going through legal codes, spending nights reading paragraphs, all of that to finally get a master degree in law. After all that I had an awakening. I realized that there is so much more to see and the time was running out. So I combined my curiosity of the world with my love for bike riding, add to that a large dose of bad luck and I got myself a real explosive mix. Now I go through maps, cheap flight deals, look for solutions on how to balance my job with my love for traveling. I can ride my bike 200 km to my uncle’s place to have a good coffee in a place away from civilization or to come over to my friend who lives 170 km away for a chat. When choosing Martombike, my aim was quality and comfort. After a few years of intense cooperation I finally know that there is no other company that can live up to my expectations. On top of that… Knowing how much I love strawberries, they prepared a design for me that featured those delicious fruits! So far you had an opportunity to meet me as a member of the Szprychy in Trasie team.